Dentures Brisbane

Dentures can replace teeth and suit your individual concerns and goals.

At Complete Dental Coorparoo, we offer dentures that provide a comfortable and secure replacement for missing teeth, at any age. If you have lost one, multiple or all of your teeth due to injury, trauma, decay or age, dentures can be a cost-effective way to replace them and to restore the functionality of your smile. Your friendly dentist at Complete Dental in Coorparoo will help you to find the option that is right for you, so you can smile comfortably again.

What are full and partial dentures?

There are two different types of dentures available: full and partial dentures. Your dentures will be custom made to perfectly fit your mouth.

Full Dentures:

Full dentures are usually the recommended option if you are missing many or all of your teeth along your dental arch, upper or lower. They may require the removal of existing teeth in the arch for optimum results and fit securely over the gums.

Partial Dentures:

Partial dentures are, as the name suggests, used to replace partial sections of your teeth, where one or several teeth might be missing. Partial dentures can reduce the pressure on your existing, natural teeth. They help to distribute the forces of everyday activities – like chewing or grinding – more easily.

At Complete Dental Coorparoo in Brisbane, we want you to be happy and satisfied with your new dentures. Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to book an appointment or consultation.