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Crowns and Bridges Brisbane

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What is it and what is a dental crown made of?

A patient might find it necessary to have a dental crown if they’re dealing with a tooth that has become fractured, weakened by decay or requires a large restoration. At Complete Dental Coorparoo we are proud to offer ceramic crowns. This form of crown is the most aesthetically pleasing option and is biocompatible. Our dentists prefer this form of crown as they make the final product all the better as they do not have a metal core. Therefore, light can shine through the restorations as it does in natural teeth. Patients will not have to worry about the nerve of the tooth, as ceramics process low heat conduction for added comfort and lowered sensitivity.

How is a dental bridge done?

Dental bridges are supported by your own natural teeth or implants, and can fill the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges can ultimately restore your natural smile and enhance your ability to properly speak and chew. A dental bridge can help maintain your facial structure and stop remaining teeth from moving out of their proper position.

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