Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment Brisbane

Save your oral health and prevent tooth loss and further complications

A root canal treatment can be necessary to save a tooth damaged by trauma, decay or disease. Every tooth has a root that extends down into the jaw, and is a vital aspect of the tooth’s complete structure. The tooth root contains blood vessels, nerves and other tissues that provide nourishment to the tooth’s structure. Sometimes, through trauma, decay or disease, the root of the tooth can be damaged, infected or contaminated and may require a root canal treatment. This treatment can save the tooth from being extracted and to prevent bacteria from entering the body’s nervous system.

Benefits of root canal treatment

In order to avoid having to remove the tooth altogether, the nerve and pulp are removed with the aim of saving the wellbeing of the tooth and tooth area. Your dentist will then clean and seal the inside of the tooth. If you put off having this dental treatment not only will the tooth be affected but the surrounding area will become infected and have serious negative effects on your overall health and wellbeing.

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