Custom Mouthguards

Custom Mouthguards Brisbane

Complete Dental Coorparoo has a special interest in creating custom-made mouthguards for our patients

Protect your beautiful smile with a custom-made mouthguard from Complete Dental in Coorparoo. Made of clear and sturdy plastic, a custom-made mouth guard will ultimately protect your teeth from trauma, during sport or any form of physical activity. It’s critical that anyone who plays a contact sport wears a mouthguard. A blow to the mouth can cause extensive damage to teeth and gums, impacting the aesthetic of your smile.

The process of fitting your custom mouthguard is as simple as booking in your appointment with the team at Complete Dental. From there we can take an impression during your first visit. You will then book in your next appointment to have your new mouthguard fitted and checked. We’ll custom-fit the mouthguard to ensure a high level of protection and comfort. We will even be able to customise your mouthguard with your favourite colours or your team colours.

At Complete Dental in Coorparoo, we recommend that all mouthguards intended for use in sports are worn-in before a game, so you are used to the new snug sensation and do not see it as a distraction. Contact us to book in a consultation today!