Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry Brisbane

At Complete Dental Coorparoo, we are passionate about helping children achieve and maintain healthy and bright smiles for a lifetime.

We love our children so seeing them uncomfortable, in pain or ill is stressful and heart-breaking. That’s why every parent does what they can to maintain their children’s health and wellbeing.

Sometimes even the most responsible parent neglects their children’s teeth. Typically because the teeth do not pose any health risk at that moment in time or because the teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent adult teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone knows or understands that the health of permanent teeth largely depends on the health of childhood milk teeth or how bad childhood teeth can affect the health of a child’s gums permanently.

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Complete Dental in Coorparoo offer a comprehensive range of children’s dentistry to help ensure your little one grows up with strong and healthy teeth, and good oral hygiene habits they can carry into adulthood.

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Creating healthy dental hygiene habits and routines within your child’s life is extremely important and vital to their overall health and wellbeing. Because of this we recommend that you bring your child in for an appointment by the time they are 3 years old. From then on, we recommend bringing your child in for their regular check-up and clean every six months.

Dentistry for children

At Complete Dental Coorparoo we want your child to be excited about coming to the dentist and the last thing we want is for them to be anxious or nervous about it. Our aim is to have your child feel completely comfortable about coming to see us for their check-up. The team will always explain every aspect of the check-up to you and your child beforehand to ensure you are both fully informed.  We can then focus on building up a positive environment for your child’s visit to the dentist.

Developing their dental hygiene routine

By setting a good example from the beginning, you can help to create a healthy routine for your child’s dental and overall health for the future. Supervising your children while they brush their teeth is another beneficial technique in establishing a good oral hygiene routine. In addition to brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day, it’s a good idea for your child to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated as part of a healthy and wholesome diet. A well-balanced diet, consuming foods from all sections of the healthy food pyramid, and limiting sugary foods and drinks, can prevent decay and help to strengthen and protect your child’s teeth. If necessary, we can also apply fissure sealants as a protective coating to effectively reduce your child’s risk of cavities and can make it easier to clean.

Children and cavities

As soon as milk teeth erupt they are vulnerable to decay and cavities. Fixing these cavities may seem like a waste of time and money however it is beneficial to your child as they may still have those teeth for some time.

Cavities not only affect your child’s current oral health but also the future of your child’s adult teeth. Taking milk teeth seriously and ensuring your child follows a good oral hygiene routine including bi-annual visits to the dentist can be beneficial.

Bacteria, sugar and incorrect dental practices could leave your child with cavities of varying degrees and sizes. Because keeping milk teeth in their place until they naturally fall out is important, your child’s dental check-ups and treatment should be a priority.

Treatment for cavities

Dentists may use crowns or fillings to prevent further decay and make the tooth viable again. These will need to be maintained through good oral hygiene and check-ups with the dentist to determine whether cavities have reoccurred.

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Children's dentistry FAQ's

Babies are normally born without any visible teeth. However 20 milk or deciduous teeth already exist between the surface of the gums erupting though toddlerhood and loosening and falling out through childhood.

Just like milk teeth exist beneath the gums surface before they are seen, permanent adult teeth also exist behind milk teeth and use the healthy growth and placement of milk teeth as a guide for their permanent placement.

Milk teeth are not only important for the placement of permanent teeth but also give children the opportunity to learn healthy oral hygiene practices. If milk teeth are not healthy and have untreated decay, it is possible for the milk teeth to transfer bacteria and decay to the permanent teeth in the same way that a decayed tooth can cause a neighbouring tooth to decay.

The premature loss of milk teeth can also become problematic as it creates an inappropriate space for permanent teeth to grow through which can increase the likelihood of crooked and overlapping teeth. For this reason, early childhood dental visits can help prevent the need future orthodontic work.

Dental care for kids – health pack

Help set your children up to become adults with healthy teeth and healthy oral hygiene habits.

Our pre-schooler/toddler health pack can help you get started teaching your child to be responsible for their own teeth. This pack includes a toothbrush and toothpaste suitable for your pre-schooler. Visit us today to get yours!